Run, Enjoy & Earn
Activate Your Energy!

Do your running practice, save the results. All data such as running pace, speed, distance, etc. are extracted from the API, hashed in the blockchain and streamlined as the trainings statistics through the blockchain oracle. After that, validators come into play on the online platform. All validators must log in virtual "cabinet of validators", where they will receive training results from random people (runners), all data must be analyzed in accordance with the "Validator's Guide". The validator simply evaluates the route, the distance covered and the rest of the data transmitted through the blockchain in order to avoid training deception.

Our Roadmap

QI-QII 2021 First Steps

This stage marked the basement creation phase of the project. Core Team creation, project vision and the technology outline.

QI-QII 2022 Official Outing

Community development and first sale rounds. The Strategic partners are set-up and seed investors are disclosed.

QI-QII 2023 Keep the Spirit Up

Adding new activities besides running, such as cycling, swimming. Weekly challenges and bonuses for active users.

QIII-QIV 2021 Cardano

Bringing technology in life, development of smart contracts ready for deployment in the Cardano Netwowk.


Product MVP for IOS and Android. Token Generation Event and and the subsequent process of launching the platform.

Discovering Active Lifestyle

Amateur Marathons sponsorship. Integration of the Payment Solutions such as COTI, for crypto E-shop.

Manage Statistics

Detailed Statistics of your Trainings & Validations

Once the ActivADA mobile application is installed it will ask for crypto wallet address, which will be paired with the all collected real-time data during the training (running). When the training is done, all these data are going to be stored, streamlined and delivered to the ActivADA web-platform. On the online platform, Validators come into play. All validators should log in virtual “validators cabinet”, where they will receive training results from random people (runners), all data have to be analysed according to the “Validator’s guide”. Once the training is validated and approved, the runner and validator get their rewards.

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Awesome Features

Tier Based Rewards

Hold $ACADA and get bigger rewards,the token address is going TBA. The Token is Cardano native.

Fully Responsive

The Validator's platform can be accessable from your laptop or mobile phone.

Oracle Engagement

Data pulled from the APP by oracle, hashed on-chain and available to protocol as data streams.

Modern Design

Clear and Tidy interface, user-friendly and web3 integrated. Enjoy the app on every step.

Cardano Blockchain

Increasing the effectiveness of “Data-based” activity analyses, predictions and forecasts.

Eco Friendly

Saving a staggering amount of energy, with Cardano Network consuming only 6 GWh of power.

Our Core Team

Experienced engineer, master of science. Blockchain Lover and your guide in the Cardano Universe.

Mihaela Bubulutti

Lead Functional Designer

Crypto passionate developer, keen on functional tests. Empowering women and gender equality.

Sergio Pohilli

Head of Development

Serial entrepreneur. 10+ Years in telecommunications. Has introduced in premiere the EDGE technology.

Daniel Vicolidis

Head of Marketing and Outreach

Articulate speaker and savvy strategist with a wide range of crypto-projects in the portfolio.


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